Right in our own Backyard in Albuquerque

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Sunrise from our Backyard during Balloon Fiesta

Over the years, we have taken thousands of photos in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are always looking for new photo opportunities, and we want to share some of our discoveries through this blog.

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Sunrise causing a spotlight on the city

We have many topics and categories to explore including places, people, public art, architecture, birds, plants, wildlife, humor, cars, trains, road trips, and more!

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We will focus on one topic per entry, and we will try to be timely. For example, we’ll talk about the Balloon Fiesta opportunities in September instead of October when it’s over.

We want to start close to our home. Before we moved to the west side, we lived in the foothills for many years. We had little need to ever travel to the west side, and when we did, we were not impressed. We have heard many who live on the east side express that view. So, it may come as a surprise to many in Albuquerque how beautiful the west side can be. We have a view of the city from our back yard, and we want to begin with it. Still, without access to our back yard, how do you get a similar view?

Storm Cloud

There are several official overlooks on the west side and some unofficial. Try West Bluff Overlook, Oxbow Open Space, or the Open Space Visitor Center, all mapped out by doing an Internet search. For a view very similar to the ones in these photos, try the parking lot of First Baptist Church on 4101 Paseo del Norte NW or the parking lots of nearby buildings.

Full Moon in Black and White

What photos can you get that are uniquely Albuquerque from your neighborhood?

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  1. The Westside can grow on you. When I first moved to the Westside I didn’t appreciate the mesa. I remember clearly the day I first fell in love with it. I was at the volcano plugs and noticed the shadows the clouds made as they crossed the mesa. From that day on, I began to notice all the beauty around me west of the river. Beautiful pictures

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